nk pecut 100m ?

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Running the 100 meter dash takes focus, power and incredible form. To race at the highest levels of competition, you'll need a lot of natural speed. Something else you'll also need to know about is racing strategy and technique.
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      Set your feet in the blocks. The distance between the blocks is up to you, so set them as far apart as you're comfortable with. In general, the foot that will make the first step during your start should be farther back.
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      Wait for the gun to sound, then explode out of the blocks. Most athletes won't have a problem with this, but don't react to the gun faster than .1 seconds. Anything quicker will be flagged a false start.
    • 3
      Focus on driving forward for the first 15 meters or so of the race. Keep your head down and concentrate on leaning forward to build speed.
    • 4
      Gradually allow your body to become upright as you near the 30 meter mark. Continue to pump your arms vigorously and concentrate on accelerating.
    • 5
      Bring your hips and legs back under your body as you reach the 50 meter mark. Allow your body to transition smoothly from the leaning acceleration posture to the upright maximum speed posture.
    • 6
      Maintain your top speed by staying relaxed and concentrating on your technique. Straining during this part of the race will cause you to lose more speed than you should, so let yourself glide down the track.